Even in heaven there are happy few...

Welcome to Villa Jessica

Visit the Comoro Islands, also known as "Islands of the Moon" and "Fragrant Islands ".

Located between the African continent and Madagascar, French in its language and in its heart, islamized to the dawn of time, the Comoro Islands could preserve their mystery and their serenity, a wild nature, an incredible flora and underwater fauna.
Grande Comore : a discovery fragrant with the scent of vanilla and ylang-ylang.


The history of these islands is like a fairy tale with their pirates and their princes, their minarets and medinas, their sultans and their prophets.
In unique surroundings of ancient African and Persian cultures, the archipelago is a genuine tropical paradise with a luxuriant vegetation, picturesque villages, white sand beaches, turquoise blue lagoons, markets offering spices and exotic fruits …

Located between the vestiges of the colonial Bambao company
and the white sand beaches of Itsandra, the Villa Jessica is
also close to the centre of Moroni and to its typical
districts between the medina,
the markets, the mosque …